Democrat Healthcare Reform Proposal on Life Support?

Peter Roff  from U.S. News and World  Report says Democrats’  Healthcare  Censorship  Shows How Desperate They’ve Become.  The Democrat majority in the House  of  Representatives  reportedly are preventing Republican House Members from mailing their constituents a chart that is critical of the majority’s health  care  reform  plan.  The chart in question:

Republican Chart of House Democrats Health Plan

Whatever the merits and veracity — or lack thereof — of the Republican critique, it seems remarkably counterproductive for the Democrats to try to block it from going out via snail mail when (a) it will, of course, be all over the Internet and (b) the attempt to suppress it will add credence to the GOP’s criticism, whether warranted or not.

A Democrat-led overhaul of the healthcare system, something that once looked inevitable, is now looking increasingly unlikely.  But the situation is, as always, dynamic.


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