A sucker’s game?

Three insurance prior authorizations in the last week and the results:

  • MRI of the upper extremity for persistent pain: DENIED.
  • Overnight supplemental oxygen for hypoxia due to status asthmaticus: DENIED.
  • Viagra for sexual dysfunction: APPROVED.

All of these patients have private insurance that they and/or their employers pay for so it will be there when they need it.  At a time when Newsweek can run a cover story entitled “We Are All Socialists Now” and the American President tells business leaders that his administration is all that stands between them and the pitchforks, if I were in charge of a private insurance company I would be doing my damnest to demonstrate how well the private sector works.

2 Responses to “A sucker’s game?”

  1. nanarcr Says:

    From a systemic/neuro sarcoidosis patient:
    Tessalon Perles to suppress neurological contribution to life threatening bronchospasm: Cost $77/month DENIED
    ALS ambulance, 8 hour ER stay, Oxygen, ECG, IV steroids and bronchodilators: $4500. PAID
    ENSURE: Cost $75/month DENIED
    ALS ambulance, 8 hour ER stay, IV rehydration (dx renal failure due to dehydration from Trigeminal Neuralgia) $2750 PAID

    Friend’s husband has the same Part D provider. No preapproval required for this octogenarian’s Viagra.

    Has all sanity disappeared?

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