Snow job, Part 2

Our old friend, David Snow, CEO of Medco, is back to share his thoughts on health care reform.  Nothing new here.  The usual boilerplate on “protocol-based” medicine, making everything “wired,” focusing on lifestyle modification, et cetera.  And, as usual, we’ll allegedly save hundreds of billions of dollars. 

Today at the office, my med tech spent 10 minutes on the phone with Medco trying to get a prescription approved to help a patient stop smoking.  My med tech was told that it would only be approved if it were being prescribed for smoking cessation.  My records show we tried to get Medco to approve this drug 4 months ago for, you guessed it, smoking cessation.  It was denied.

Yes, if anyone has the right to lecture the medical community on things like cost savings from lifestyle modification and making health care more efficient, it’s David Snow.

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