Healthcare Reform and the so-called “Stimulus” Plan, Part 2

“Congress has approved a $789.5 billion economic stimulus package that will strengthen the nation’s health care infrastructure by making substantial investments in an array of health-related programs and provisions, including health information technology, or HIT, education and training programs for primary care physicians, and comparative effectiveness research.”  So says James Arvantes in a recent AAFP News Now entry.

I’m sure there is something in the “stimulus” package for primary care.  Given the fact that this is perhaps the largest pork spending project in the history of the United States, it would be surprising if there wasn’t.  The bill (now law) that many on the political right have dubbed “porkulus” also contains $300 million for environmentally friendly golf cart-like vehicles and $650 million for activities related to the switch from analog to digital TV.

Primary care physicians are also taxpayers, consumers, and investors.  And the market obviously does not believe that this stimulus law is going to stimulate much of anything.  The Dow has plummeted 2000 points since Mr. Obama was elected President.  This video sums it up:


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