Well, that’s one way FPs can supplement their incomes

Paul Ray TaylorHat tip to KevinMD for this story out of Utah:

A former Layton family practice doctor accused of narcotics distribution for writing illegal prescriptions pleaded guilty Friday to illegally distributing oxycodone.

[Paul Ray] Taylor faces up to 20 years in prison and up to a $1 million fine for the distribution conviction.

Taylor worked for Layton Family Medicine, previously named Mountain View Family Care, for many years before his termination in May 2007.

A Walgreens in Layton complained to DOPL in July 2007 that Taylor was writing prescriptions to patients in the business’s parking lot. That same month, according to the emergency order, the Utah Insurance Fraud Division received a complaint that “Taylor was conducting business from his vehicle in parking lots of various pharmacies.”

The FBI investigated and setup at least four stings in August, September and October of that year, according to the emergency order.

A Riverdale man…[claimed]…that Taylor issued prescriptions “frequently, without examination, in large dosages”.

This is outrageous!  Your doctor should always do a proper physical exam.


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