But I thought their health care was so much better than ours, Part 4

Two recent reports from BBC News:

NHS ‘fast losing its compassion’

There has been a deterioration in the level of compassion in the NHS [National Health Service] in recent years, the head of a leading health think-tank has told the BBC.

The King’s Fund is running a special project to try to get nurses and other staff to focus on being compassionate.

Gee, who would have thought that transforming the ancient and honorable art of medicine into an artificial “right” for the patient and having it administered by doctors and nurses state workers under the watchful eye of bureaucrats would have a deleterious effect on compassion?  You’d think the NHS would exude the same aura of human warmth that the IRS or the Department of Motor Vehicles does on this side of the pond.

And exactly how does one make medical staff more compassionate?

The King’s Fund is piloting an idea called “Schwartz rounds” at several NHS hospitals.

This involves staff from various disciplines getting together every month to discuss the aspects of care that they have found difficult.

Yep.  A staff meeting/bitch-n-moan session.  That oughta do it.  By the way, won’t “Schwartz rounds” take time away from taking care of patients?

Item two: Scotland ends NHS car park fees

Patients at most hospitals in Scotland will no longer have to pay for parking, after fees were abolished on Wednesday.

However, charges will remain at car parks built under the private finance initiative at three hospitals in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

Wales has already abolished charges at almost all NHS hospitals, but there are no plans to scrap fees in England.

Hey, I thought health care over there was “free”?  I guess it is if you walk to the hospital.  Oh, and not examining your taxes too closely helps too.

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