The envelope please…?

Satan w/Nexium ToteLadies and gentlemen, the award for best unintentionally comedic performance by a psychiatrist in an allegedly serious news report goes to Dr. Phillip Freeman for his role in Denial:

Dr. [Susan B.] Hurson, [an obstetrician and gynecologist in Washington] said she paid no attention to the logos on the pens she carries around in her doctor’s coat.

Prompted by a reporter’s question, she pulled out a handful of pens from her pocket and read off the drugs advertised: Clindesse, a cream for vaginal infection; Halo, a system for detecting breast cancer, and Evamist, an estrogen spray. “It’s hard for me to believe it influences what you prescribe.”

But Dr. Phillip Freeman, a psychiatrist in Boston, said that physicians who contended that the giveaways were benign might be suffering from denial.

“The need to deny influence is damaging to the soul,” Dr. Freeman said. He suggested that doctors would feel less conflicted if they simply wore drug company patches on their white coats.

Thank God American medicine’s long nightmare of soul-damaging 99 cent drug rep pens is over!

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