The Redcoats Are Coming!

Government overregulation of health care is a growing problem on both sides of the Atlantic.  But this story out of Britain demonstrates one of the most breathtaking examples of abuse of government authority in medicine that I have ever read.

Baroness Young, chair of the Care Quality Commission, revealed that guidance from NICE [the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence] would become legally enforceable from 2009/10, with doctors to face tough annual checks on their compliance.

Baroness Young told last week’s NICE annual conference in Manchester that policing clinical guidance was set to be a key part of the CQC’s work, and admitted the commission had been handed ‘draconian’ powers by ministers.

Baroness Young added: ‘I have an image of a patient sat in front of their GP or consultant with a card with the NICE guidance so they can interrogate their healthcare provider.’

This isn’t just “pay for performance”.  This is tyranny and Baroness Young admits as much.  This from the most surveilled Western nation on Earth.  It’s hard to imagine any general practitioner wanting to practice under a system where government edicts are expected to supercede the physician’s clinical judgment and patients are expected to act as unpaid spies for the government.


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