But I thought their health care was so much better than ours, Part 3

More news of health care reform from our neighbors to the north.  John R. Graham at StateHouseCall.org blogs about a story from Canada’s National Post about health savings accounts and private insurance:

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will today launch a much narrower tax-free savings account, aimed at families of people with disabilities, that is available through banks like BMO Financial.

But the insurance industry is pushing for a hugely more far-reaching scheme, not totally dissimilar to the model advocated on the campaign trail by John McCain, the failed Republican candidate for the White House.

It seems like socialized health care delivery systems are becoming more privatized and private systems are becoming more socialized.  The cynic in me interprets this to mean than neither system works very well and policy makers under both systems are trying to implement the opposite of whatever the dominant delivery model paradigm is in hopes of making the system work better.


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