Stark raving mad

Fortney!Representative Fortney Hillman  Stark (Democrat – California) bashes doctors:

I have been tussling with this for over 20 years, and I have yet to see a physician come into my office talking anything about their patients — the first thing they say is that they are going broke…That’s like my kid saying they’re going to hold their breath and turn blue if they don’t get their second dessert.

Yes, fellow physicians, in the Fortney Stark Universe you are not independent doctors who contract with the government to provide your expertise for an agreed upon compensation.  No, despite your years of training, despite your board certification and continuing medical education, and despite a professional pedigree that goes back to Galen of Pergamon and Hippocrates of Cos, you, dear doctor, are a mere child.  And an annoying child at that!

We mustn’t be too hard on Mr. Stark.  He’s not accustomed to operating within a budget the way physicians are.  In fact, he recently voted himself a pay raise of nearly $5000 a year.

Before you go look up Stark’s website to e-mail him a piece of your mind, a few more choice quotes from the man himself, courtesy of Wikipedia:

In August 1990, Stark drew controversy for calling Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Wade Sullivan, an African American, “a disgrace to his race”…

On October 18, 2007, Stark made the following comments on the House floor during a debate [about funding the war in Iraq] with Congressman Joe Barton of Texas: “But you’re going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the President’s amusement.” Following the initial criticism to his statements, when asked by a radio station if he would take back any of his statements, Stark responded “Absolutely not.” [Stark later apologized]

Other controversies include calling Congressman Scott McInnis of Colorado a “little wimp” and a “little fruitcake” and challenging him to a fight during a Ways and Means Committee meeting in 2003. In a 2001 debate, he falsely stated that all of the children of Congressman J. C. Watts of Oklahoma were “born out of wedlock.” In another debate, he called Congresswoman Nancy Johnson of Connecticut a “whore for the insurance industry” and suggested that her knowledge of health care came solely from “pillow talk” with her husband, a physician.

Hat tip: Health Care BS

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