But I thought their health care was so much better than ours

PinocchioHeadline: Poorer nations inflated vaccination numbers

Dozens of developing countries exaggerated figures on how many children were vaccinated against deadly diseases, which allowed them to get more money from U.N.-sponsored programs, a new study said Friday.

Murray and colleagues estimated that the alliance should have paid countries $150 million. Instead, it paid them $290 million.

Some countries, including Liberia, Pakistan and Zambia, reported vaccination numbers more than four times higher than surveys showed.

Experts said the study raised questions about the credibility of other health data from the United Nations and countries.

One Response to “But I thought their health care was so much better than ours”

  1. Well, I don’t think anyone is claiming that socialized medicine in Zambia or Pakistan is on par with the privatized system in the U.S. It’s comparisons with the excellent systems in Canada, Australia, and Scandinavia that are problematic for the private sector here.

    The UN figures have been all over the place in recent years. They need to figure out what in the *#(* is going on!! These types of figures aren’t the easiest to precisely measure, I’m sure, but some of the variations have been simply astounding. And suspect.

    Interesting article–thank you.

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