Even more primary care shortage news

WisconsinMassachusettsConnecticutWhile the amusing tirade of a certain ER doc continues to pop up in various corners of the blogosphere, stories about the primary care shortage just keep coming.  The latest is from American Medical News.  Medical societies in the Badger, Bay, and Constitution states warn that there just aren’t going to be enough primary care physicians unless something is done:

Groups in Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Connecticut are the latest to say more doctors are needed to meet patient needs, with primary care physicians in especially high demand.

“The number of primary caregivers in Wisconsin — and nationally — is far, far short to effectively get the job done,” [said family physician Tim Bartholow, the Wisconsin Medical Society’s senior vice president of member services, policy planning and physician professional development.]

In July, Massachusetts’ Legislature approved measures to increase the number of primary care doctors, including boosting the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s class size, and waiving tuition and fees for students who agree to work as primary care physicians in the state for four years after graduation.

“If the issue is not addressed, newly insured people won’t have access to care because there won’t be enough doctors to treat them,” Dr. [Bruce] Auerbach [President of the Massachusetts Medical Society] said.

Like other states, Connecticut faces an aging physician population, and doctors are finding it difficult to recruit young physicians to take their spots. Demands are increasing as baby boomers age and require more medical care.


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