Scotland bans lab coats

This Island EarthFrom BBC News:

The traditional doctor’s white coat is to be dropped under a new NHS dress code unveiled by the Scottish Government.

NHS staff will also not be allowed to wear their uniform out of work and ties will be prohibited in a bid to stop the spread of infections.

White coats have been worn by doctors for more than 100 years, although they have fallen out of favour in recent times.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said the dress code would give patients greater confidence in the quality of healthcare delivered.

The national uniform will include tunics in four shades of blue, with navy trousers for clinical staff. Support staff, such as porters and catering employees, will wear shades of green.

Staff will also be instructed to wear short-sleeved shirts or blouses, not to carry pens or scissors in their outside breast pockets, and to wear their hair tied back.

Dr Kevin Woods, chief executive of NHSScotland, said the uniform would make staff more approachable.

I don’t wear a white lab coat, but it’s absurd to actually ban the things.  I also like the way “staff” will be instructed commanded not to carry pens or scissors in their breast pockets.  Hopefully, that will make them more approachable servile.  It looks like the infantilization of physicians is by no means limited to our hemisphere.

Hat tip: Medgadget
Photo credit: Tales of Future Past

One Response to “Scotland bans lab coats”

  1. It sounds rather like Brave New World. To the decanting room!

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