The Mad Doctor, Part 2

Tin Foil Hat 2Not too surprisingly, there seem to be few if any people running to defend Dr. Jonathan Glauser and his histrionic anti-primary care rant.  KevinMD has a small round-up of responses to the rather emotive doctor’s screed,  universally negative.  Even fellow ER doc and blogger Steven J. Davidson posted his disagreement with Glauser.

Expect at least one of the official American Academy of Family Practice blogs to have a response to Glauser in the very near future.

Several people are characterizing Glauser’s comments as the beginning of a “backlash” against primary care.  The health care pendulum, so the thinking goes, is at last swinging back toward primary care as shortages of family medicine and internal medicine docs become acute.  Primary care and emergency medicine are usually not thought of as being especially antagonistic toward one another.  I’m not convinced that one doctor’s astonishingly uninformed opinions constitute the opening salvo in a new Primary Care-Specialist War for hearts, minds, and money.  But perhaps there is a slowly growing concern among the specialists that a resurgence of primary care will include as a corollary a decrease in the influence and perhaps in the paychecks of the various specialty fields.

We live in interesting times.


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