Our forgotten allies?

Nurse and DoctorWhat do nurses think about the primary care shortage?  The Young and Restless Nurse has some thoughts:

The common theme around the PCP shortage remains lack of respect from the medical community for primary care, low pay, low reimbursement, tedious hours and work, and the lack of “glamor” in the work. It just seems so ironic that these are some of the main complaints from nursing for the past 10 years, which has fueled the nursing shortage.

Certainly this is a boom for NPs, as they can really make headway financially and professionally, but is it at a cost? Are they simply filling a warm body position in a crappy system without the system being fixed?

But what is uncanny is the parallels between the two shortage discussions, and it represents an excellent opportunity for nurses and physicans to collaborate on a solution, and to say the solution is more than just a warm body – it requires entire paradigm shift, thinking overhaul, and transformation of a profession.


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