New York Doc Slashes the Price of Health Care

Dr. John Muney, a New York surgeon, has had enough with third party payor nonsense and is taking health care directly to his patients, leaving the paperwork and bureaucracy — as well as the expense — behind.  The New York Post‘s Jennifer Fermino reports:

An enterprising New York physician sick of dealing with tedious and time-consuming health-insurance practices is cutting out the middleman and offering unlimited office care directly to patients for $79 a month.

Dr. John Muney, a surgeon with clinics in all five boroughs, has started offering everything from yearly mammograms to mole removal for less than $1,000 a year.

“People ask me, ‘What’s the catch?’ I say, ‘There isn’t one,’ ” Muney said.

Right now, his cash-for-care scheme isn’t turning a profit. The majority of his patients are not on the $79 plan, and use regular insurance.

But he’s convinced that if he gets enough clients on the plan, he’d make a prophet.

Hmmm, he’d make a prophet?  Maybe that isn’t a typo.


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