Land of Lincoln to abandon medicine

Please call again!If you thought the current nonsense coming out of Illinois was bad, you haven’t heard the latest news: Hat tip to WhiteCoat Rants for this link:

Please contact your state senator today to urge support for Senate Bill 2179, legislation that will extend the sunset date on the Illinois Medical Practice Act. This Act provides for the licensure and discipline of physicians and is, of course, vital to continued access to quality care in Illinois.

Yes, nothing enhances access to and quality of health care like it being legal to practice medicine!

The Act is scheduled to sunset on December 31, 2008 and must be extended immediately.

The Illinois House postponed consideration of this legislation until its fall veto session and then amended the bill to extend the sunset for only two years. While we would prefer a ten-year sunset, at this point in time it is advisable for the Senate to simply concur with the House amendment so that the Act is extended prior to its sunset.

I don’t know the various legal factors at work here, but it seems odd that any Medical Practice Act would “sunset”.  Do legislators think illness and injury might vanish from the human condition in the near future?  I can think of a lot of other pieces of legislation, from the local to the national level, that would be much improved if they had an in-built “sunset”.


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