Future EMR: 1982

Retrofuture archivist Matt Novak has been kind enough to provide me with the following link  at his terrific website Paleo-Future about the doctor’s office of tomorrow from the point of view of 1982.  Prepare yourself for medical care…OF THE FUTURE!

EMR 1982 The text accompanying the image is actually not too far off:

Now doctors have to question and examine their patients to find out what is wrong with them…Computers can store huge amounts of medical information.  Doctors are therefore likely to use computers to help them find the causes of illnesses.

On the other hand, if the depiction is to be believed, it was anticipated that future docs would access those computers with a CB radio input device.  “Breaker one-nine!  You got yer ears on, good buddy?”

Meanwhile, a woman gets her meds dispensed by the Pharm-O-Matic, while another patient tries out the new waiting room couch/full body PET scanner combo.

But wait, there’s more!

EMR from 1982 IISelf-service is the name of the game in 21st century medicine.  The man in the center of the picture is being told three things by the diagnostic computer:

  1. He looks ridiculous wearing that brooch.
  2. His shirt is becoming untucked on the left.
  3. He has jaundice and will soon go from being merely yellow to orange (as shown on the screen) unless he leaves this cheap sci-fi movie set of a doctor’s office and gets himself in with a real physician.

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