Change we can’t believe in?

ObamaThe incoming President will face an uphill battle to get his health care reforms passed if the results of a recent poll are to be believed.  From Consumer Watchdog:

Less than 15% of U.S. voters support, and 53% oppose, a proposal pushed by health insurers requiring every American to provide proof of private health insurance or face tax penalties or other fines, according to a new poll.

President-elect Obama opposed policies requiring all Americans to buy private health insurance coverage, the so-called “individual mandate,” as a candidate. Senator Tom Daschle left open the possibility of his support for the approach in his book, “Critical,” under the pretense that he is “not willing to sacrifice worthy improvements on the altar of perfection.” Unlike plans pushed by health insurers, Daschle’s proposal importantly would give Americans access to a public insurance program “modeled after Medicare.”

Overall, 40% of voters say they are “strongly” opposed to mandating that “every American show proof that they have health insurance coverage or face tax penalties.” Less than 15% say they would support it. Another 31% are undecided.

We’re in a major recession and virtually all health care “reforms” come with a significant price tag to attach to an already tremendously expensive health care system.  I wonder if the President-elect recalls military strategist Sun-Tzu’s advice: “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight”.

Hat tip: Say Anything Blog

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