Medicare and e-Prescribing: The Fix Is In

The Opportunity

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will reward providers who use e-prescribing with a bonus of 2 percent of their Medicare fees billed in 2009.

The Problem

You don’t have e-prescribing.  You don’t intend to get e-prescribing.

The Solution

Courtesy of Dr. Michael Gorback at the Placebo Journal Blog:

1. Code G8445 tells CMS that you saw a patient but didn’t write any scripts. You still get e-prescribing credit for submitting this code.

2. Code G8446 tells CMS that you wrote a narcotic script or other script that could not be e-prescribed, that the patient requested a written script or a called-in script, or that the receiving pharmacy couldn’t accept e-prescribing.

3. You only have to submit 50% of the encounters.Conclusion: By being selective and using these two codes you can meet all of the criteria for the bonus without EVER doing an electronic prescription.

Pretty sneaky, Doc!


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