I get so emotional, baby

Whadaya mean, no Xanax?!Heide Aungst at Medical Economics reports on the growing trend of websites that allow patients to rate and comment on their physicians.  I once visited such a site and found about 10 ratings for myself.  From this sampling of far less than one percent of my patient population, I discovered that I am both the second coming of Asclepius (70% of the “votes”) and the biggest clown who ever got to suffix his name with M.D. (30% of the “votes”).  Further exploration of the website revealed that many learned and accomplished physicians in my area were uncaring moneygrubbers and talentless hacks, at least according to two or three reviewers per physician.

I’m not especially concerned about my “online reputation”.  The Medical Economics article suggests I should be:

Negative comments might be easy enough to ignore in a typical busy workday, but your patients cruising the net-or potential new patients seeking information about you-might be influenced by them, and that can take a bite out of your bottom line.

I think the sort of people who would allow their opinion of me to be swayed by an all caps rant full of errors in spelling, grammar and logic are probably not the sort of people I would want as patients.

Photo credit: Shrink Rap

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