Still more on the primary care physician shortage

A couple of quotes from the latest post by Dr. Reece at the Medinnovation Blog:

[T]he source of the primary care physicians’ dissatisfaction is not just money, although low Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements were among the top concerns. What jumps out is the overwhelming sense of frustration. Physicians feel they spend too much time on paperwork, to the detriment of their patients; they’re tired of hassling with insurance companies over claims discrepancies; and they’re very concerned about the financial viability of their practices. They are demoralized.

[Kurt] Mosley [vice president of business development for Merritt Hawkins & Associates, the physician recruiting firm that compiled the survey for The Physicians’ Foundation] says he’s surprised by the denial within the healthcare industry over the plight of primary care physicians, even as healthcare already faces a growing shortage of primary care physicians. “What’s really unnerving to me is when we talk to state hospital associations and they are unaware of it,” he says. “This problem affects everybody. If you don’t have primary care physicians you don’t have anyone feeding your specialists.”

America had its dot-com bubble rooted in the ridiculous notion of “growth over profits”.  It had its housing bubble based on the idea that loaning gigantic sums of money to people who had no hope of ever paying it back was a sound business practice.  And now we are approaching our health care bubble, founded on the idea, among many others, that primary care medicine doesn’t matter.

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