More “right to health care” nonsense

Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. wonders what would happen if the “right” to health care was the law of the land:

What if the Constitution said: “All citizens shall enjoy the right to health care of equal high quality and the Congress shall have the power to implement this article by appropriate legislation?”

I suspect the same thing that happened when King Canute commanded the tide to halt, except that Canute knew the sea would not obey him and was trying to demonstrate the limits of human power.  Our government, breathtaking in its arrogance, would be dead serious.

Incidentally, wouldn’t this presuppose quite a number of other rights?  As a doctor, this would mean I would have a right to an office building, electricity, running water, syringes and needles, thermometers, vials of dexamethasone, an electronic medical record, unlimited paper and other office supplies, an income with periodic vacations, a receptionist, a medical assistant, a stethoscope, a number of ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes, exam tables, and about a thousand other items I can think of off the top of my head.  Boy, I sure am glad all these things would be “rights”.  At present, I have to pay for all these things and they sure cost a lot of money!


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