Bizarro World Health Policy

bizarroworld1Stephen Smith at The Boston Globe reports on a ridiculous health care policy move from the Bay State:

Hoping to tame soaring healthcare costs and prevent unfair competition, Massachusetts regulators yesterday significantly strengthened their oversight of medical building projects…

Companies that want to open outpatient clinics costing more than $25 million will have to prove to state officials that their services won’t duplicate what’s already there and won’t imperil existing facilities.

Physician-owned day surgery centers will undergo the same review, regardless of cost.

Yes, the best way to tame soaring health care costs is by increasing government regulation.  You certainly wouldn’t want to duplicate what’s already there.  If you allowed that, there might be “unfair” competition (whatever that is) that could result in lower prices and higher quality.

Somebody drop ship some basic economics textbooks to Massachusetts!


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