Surely you can’t be serious!

airplaneThe health care industry and the airline industry appear to be comparing notes.

Health Business Blogger David E. Williams:

I really had to laugh out loud when I heard United Airlines was introducing a “co-pay” for patients fliers upgrading from coach class. A co-pay is what the patient contributes toward the cost of his or her treatment when the rest is being paid for by their health insurer. United is using the term to describe the amount it intends to collect in addition to the frequent flier points it deducts from the traveler’s account. So in United’s scheme the traveler is paying both parts!

Star Tribune writer Chen May Yee:

Starting in January, Wellpoint will offer employees of Wisconsin-based Serigraph Inc. the option of traveling to India for nonemergency procedures such as joint replacement surgery. Serigraph will waive the insurance deductible and coinsurance for employees who agree to go, paying all medical costs as well as travel expenses for the patient and a companion.

Hat tip: HealthLeaders Media.

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