Online second opinions


One doctor, a cardiologist, told Sauer that her daughter, Hannah Remmel, “absolutely” needed a defibrillator. He said an MRI of Remmel’s heart showed a rare congenital deformity, and he feared that she might die without the device.

But Remmel’s primary care physician wasn’t so sure. He doubted Remmel even had the deformity. Sauer, a family physician in Little Rock, Arkansas, needed clarity.

“I didn’t want to drag Hannah home from her college in Florida to get a second opinion here. But I also didn’t know any doctors in Florida she could go to,” Sauer says. “So I went online.”

Two weeks and $565 later, Sauer had her answer from the Cleveland Clinic’s online second opinion service: Her daughter’s heart was just fine. She had no deformity and no need for heart surgery.

I think this would make my malpractice insurance agent faint.  At least these people are trained physicians.  The pharmacy benefit managers’ drones second guess doctors every day.


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