Is socialized medicine on the horizon?

David E. Williams at the Health Business Blog thinks it might be.  He argues that the credit crisis continues to resonate through the economy and may make socialized medicine more palatable:

I think it’s quite possible that a consensus may emerge from the grass roots level in favor of a single payer health care system. Health insurers aren’t that popular anyway, and as business owners, the unemployed, and the underemployed lose confidence in their ability to afford premiums and start worrying about losing access to health care, I wouldn’t be surprised to see people coalescing around a government solution. And don’t forget about health care providers. Hospitals and doctors don’t want to deal with uninsured people either -or insured people who can’t afford their co-pays and coinsurance-and they may actually be open to the idea of the government taking over.

I don’t want to see single payer and it probably won’t happen, but conditions in this country are more favorable for the idea than I’ve ever seen.

I agree.  A lot of patients, physicians, and business people — and all three categories have considerable overlap — are getting to the “anything has got to be better than this” stage.  Of course, “anything” often turns out to be considerably worse.


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