A New President

President Obama

President-elect Obama

Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States of America.  Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent, Mr. Obama will be the President to all Americans.  I disagree with some of Barack Obama’s health care reform proposals, as I did with some of Mr. McCain’s proposals.  But I also believe that Mr. Obama has a sincere desire to see that all Americans get the health care they require.


Economists David Cutler and Brad DeLong support the Obama health plan.
Economist Arnold Kling criticizes Cutler and DeLong’s support of the Obama health plan.
David Williams at Health Business Blog calls the Obama health plan “rational, thoughtful and practical.”
Mark Frisse has some Unsolicited Advice for the President-elect.
Michale Tremoglie at The Bulletin talks about the Future of Obama’s Health Care Plan.
Dr. Scott Gottlieb at the American Enterprise Institute says Obama will stifle drug innovation.

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