Helping uninsured Americans

Peter Pitts from the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest writing at has some relatively quick and easy fixes for Americans without health insurance:

Right now, about five million uninsured Americans are eligible for employer-provided coverage — but haven’t taken advantage of the plans. To start addressing the accessibility problem, employers could begin enrolling their employees by default, with an opt-out option instead of an opt-in option. This would prevent new employees from going months without being enrolled. And it would cut down on confusing paperwork.

Lawmakers should also work to ensure that the 12 million Americans without health insurance who are eligible for Medicare or the State Children’s Health Insurance Program sign up for those programs.

Quite a large number of the uninsured are people who have access to health insurance but for whatever reason simply haven’t gotten it. Getting insurance, Medicare, or SCHIP for these people would certainly help.

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