Cannon’s comments draw fire

The Cato Institute’s Michael Cannon’s recent comments about physician culpability in medical errors has resulted in a backlash.  Some of what started the blowback:

A hospital fails to prevent pressure ulcers in a bed-ridden patient, or allows a patient’s surgical site to get infected.

How dare these doctors and administrators allow gravity and evolution to take place in their hospitals!  Tellingly, much of the criticism directed at Cannon does not seem to be coming from people who are antithetical to the Cato Institute’s libertarian ideology.

Fortunately, Medicare’s “Never Events” Initiative will grant Mr. Cannon’s wish of stopping reimbursement for “errors”.  And, of course, the incentives created by this initiative will themselves include costs and complications.  I suspect a good many bloggers are drafting their “I Told You So!” posts already.

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