Fixing health care – without the politicians

Here is a fantastic article by Dr. Elizabeth Pector at Medical Economics.  An excerpt:

Patients often suffer from “entitlementiasis,” having adopted a consumer view that the customer is always right. Their satisfaction is measured by whether they got what they wanted-antibiotics for colds, orders for exotic lab tests-regardless of whether their requests were medically indicated. Politicians jump on the bandwagon for EHR and other health-information technology, imposing another costly unfunded mandate on doctors.

In short, as part of restructuring the health-care system, physicians need to be put back on a level playing field with the rest of the health-care players, so they can provide input prior to implementation of supposed cost-saving measures that often only transfer costs to doctors.

I agree with Dr. Pector.  In fact, the abdication by physicians of their traditional authority in the practice of medicine accounts for quite a bit of the problem we now have with health care in this country.

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